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Oct 9, 2012 7:30pm PDT
guy really knows where to put his camera." (woman) i hope it's not too crowded. (edward dmytryk) joe lewis was wonderful with setups, really wonderful. (joe lewis) we took a stretch-out cadillac and removed everything from it and in it they laid down a 2-by-12 board. on top of that they put a little high hat and camera. and then they put a jockey seat for the operator. it was the first time they've ever used "button microphones." we had them all over the place, inside, outside. and then strapped to the top, we had two sound men with fish poles stretched way out with mikes. (man) i hope i won't be longer than i have to. (joe lewis) i got the two of them together and i said, "you know what you're up to. you run into town, look for a parking space. he's going to go in the bank, he's going to rob the bank. a policeman will to come out, you're going to knock him on the head and get away." that's right, stand right there, okay? (joe lewis) whatever dialogue you want between you, whatever comes up, that's how you react. hi. well, that's a nice getup. i like it. good-looking gun. thanks. tha
Oct 8, 2012 8:00am PDT
named buffalo joe they laughed a lot and yelled a lot and called white men chicken shit instead of ours all weekend and sat in the back at church their shame silenced and anger roareed you and you did not want to be like them or know anyone like them. or loved anyone like them again when i was young, i saw men as father as a grown woman, i see my father and me, the company, sitting in a bar silencing the war cry of my mother's corrupt [indiscernible] numbing the wound deep in my valley of cowboys and indians recycling the memory of cold mountain fever. >> esther belin, reading from her poetry book "from the belly of my beauty." esther, if you can talk about what it meant to grow, as you say, off res, and what it means for you to live on the reservation, which go back to visit. >> i am a byproduct of the federal relocation and termination era in this country. so i grew up really living in two worlds and the los angeles area, and embraced every bit of that culture, which i lived i guess in a poor neighborhood. but always telling we had that connection, right? my parents spoke navajo
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)